Secure Your Crypto Investments with Metacade: Passes Certik Audit

• SEC crypto regulations have been put in place to ensure secure investments for everyone in Web3.
• Metacade, a new project in the space, has passed an audit by Certik and is thought to have a strong future due to its Metagrants program.
• The audit gives assurance that Metacade is likely to be a secure platform and offer good investment opportunities in the blockchain gaming sector.

SEC Crypto Regulations

The Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) crypto regulations are designed to ensure secure investments for all individuals investing in Web3 technologies. These regulations have been tightened after centralized asset custodians such as FTX, Celsius Network, and Genesis went bust in 2022. The purpose of these regulations is to protect cryptocurrency enthusiasts by ensuring that all investments are accurately classified.

Metacade Passes Audit

Metacade – a new project in the space – has recently passed an audit conducted by Certik which gives assurances that it’s likely to be a secure platform and offer good investment opportunities. Through its innovative GameFi platform and Metagrants program, Metacade is thought to have a strong future ahead of itself as an industry-leading platform within the blockchain gaming sector.

Certik Audit Overview

The professional audit conducted by Certik was designed to verify the efficacy of the Metacade platform prior to its launch. As one of the leading smart contract auditors in Web3, Certik provided investors with assurance that the project looks like a potentially secure investment moving forward into the future of blockchain gaming.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is building what will become known as “the biggest arcade on the blockchain” through its innovative GameFi platform which allows users to play online games against each other with cryptocurrencies as rewards. Players can also earn rewards from playing sponsored tournaments or even creating their own custom tournament with friends!

The Future Holds

With SEC crypto regulations tightening across Web3 platforms, there are many questions surrounding what exactly this could mean for projects such as Metacade going forward into the future. With its successful audit providing assurance that it looks like a potentially secure investment opportunity, it’s likely that we’ll continue seeing more growth and innovation within this exciting space over time!

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