Invest in D2T Before the Tier 1 Exchange Listing for a 4% Discount!

• Dash 2 Trade is a new crypto analytics platform that has raised over $14.6m during its presale.
• The platform is to be listed on and will have an over-funding round to support additional tier 1 listings.
• Investors can still buy D2T in the over-funding round at only 0.0556 USDT per token.

Dash 2 Trade is a recently launched cryptocurrency analytics platform that has raised over $14.6 million USDT during its presale phase. As such, the platform is now in the midst of an over-funding round, which is set to end in the next two days. This round is meant to support additional tier 1 exchange listings of the D2T token.

Dash 2 Trade is an analytics platform that provides crypto signals and on-chain analysis. It has undergone a full audit by SolidProof, and Coinsniper has verified the team behind the project. The platform’s token, D2T, will be listed on tier 1 centralized exchange on January 11, 2023. To coincide with the listing, a $120,000 airdrop will take place on on January 10th and 11th.

The over-funding round allows late investors to purchase an additional 36 million tokens for 0.0556 USDT each. This would result in the platform raising an additional 2,001,600 USDT. The current price already represents a 4% increase in the token’s value since the fourth stage of the presale.

Crypto enthusiasts should consider buying the tokens before they increase in price after the tier 1 exchange listings from January 11. The Dash 2 Trade team has created an overfunding round to allow late investors to participate before the round ends. As such, investors should take advantage of this opportunity and buy D2T tokens at a discounted rate.

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