Gary Vee & Jordan Belfort: SiGMA Eurasia Brings 15,000 to Dubai

• SiGMA Eurasia Expo in Dubai from March 13-16, 2023 will provide attendees the opportunity to learn about the latest technology and innovations, connect with key decision-makers, and gain knowledge about new markets.
• Gary Vee and Jordan Belfort will be speaking on three conference stages during the event.
• The agenda for the event is focused on thought-provoking conference sessions led by top-notch thought leaders.

SiGMA Eurasia Expo in Dubai

The SiGMA Eurasia expo in Dubai from March 13-16, 2023 will take place at the InterContinental Festival Arena. It provides attendees with opportunities to network with professionals in various industries, learn about the latest technology and innovations, connect with key decision-makers, and gain knowledge about new markets. Major companies in the technology, gaming, affiliate and medical industries will be showcasing their products and services. Additionally there will be a Startup Village where delegates can evaluate new market players as well as three startup pitches where business owners can present their ideas to a panel of experts.

Gary Vee & Jordan Belfort Speaking

Prior to the SiGMA Eurasia Dubai expo there will also be a meetup held in collaboration with SiGMA featuring Jordan Belfort (The Wolf of Wall Street). The event will provide opportunities to network with influential individuals and decision-makers such as serial entrepreneur and investor Gary Vee who will be speaking on three conference stages. Nightly networking drinks and dinners are planned to give delegates the chance to meet each other build lasting business relationships. In addition there is an awards ceremony which supports educational institutions in Africa.

Opportunities for Development & Expansion

By bringing together top investors, suppliers, affiliates, startups, and operators it gives attendees an opportunity to form new collaborations such as strategic alliances or joint ventures. Local government representatives are also present offering special opportunities for development and expansion of businesses throughout local areas.

Thought Provoking Conference Sessions

The agenda for this event focuses on thought provoking conferences sessions lead by top notch thought leaders such as this year’s keynote speaker Gary Vee a highly successful entrepreneur and investor. Through these conferences attendees can receive valuable advice regarding business strategies while forming profitable connections through networking events that take place during this expo including nightly networking drinks/dinners & awards ceremony honoring those who have achieved success within their respective fields of work/research/development etc..


This year’s SiGMA Eurasia expo offers many benefits from learning about innovative technologies & connecting with key decision makers to forming strategic alliances between businesses & receiving advice from prominent figures within various industries all under one roof!

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